Beautrio Whitening Cleanser

Containing precious Chinese herbal essences such as tricholoma matsutake and carthamus tinctorius flowers, with added amino acids for deep cleansing, Beautrio Whitening Cleanser refreshes your skin and gives you a balanced, natural, and healthy complexion!

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Quality Assurance:

Manufactured from ISO certified facilities, this product has passed third-party testing conducted by SGS. Also, the Infinitus Inspection Center is FAPAS-certified for proficiency in detecting heavy metals.


100 mL

Retail Price:

THB 1,165 (VAT inclusive)

Tricholoma matsutake, carthamus tinctorius flower, amino acid cleansing factor

Apply a small amount to palm and massage onto wet skin. Gently massage on face and neck with a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water. Follow with Beautrio Whitening Toner.

Disclaimer: This product cannot change natural skin color of each individual.

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