“100-1=0” is our quality management principle. From ingredient sourcing to packaging, no mistakes are allowed in the manufacturing journey. Most products have to pass through over a thousand tests to ensure international quality and safety standards are met.







Ingredients from authentic origins

Infinitus believes that only herbs from verified origins can reach optimal quality and efficacy. To ensure herbs receive nourishment from a clean and unpolluted environment, we have spent years searching for the best growing areas and have set up standard farm/plantation bases.

Infinitus’ authentic Goji berries receive their best nourishment from:

Tibetan Plateau
average altitude of 4,500m
Soil of Golmud
in Qinghai
Snow Water of the
Kunlun Mountains
Fresh air


Ingenuity of cultivating and harvesting

Thanks to the tireless efforts of experienced local growers who possess knowledge passed down through generations, all our herbs are carefully cultivated with traditional methods and wisdom.

After the Red Lingzhi is picked, it has to go through:

24-hour golden time
Drying process
3 rounds of selection


When ancient wisdom meets modern science

Embracing 5,000 years of Chinese wisdom, Infinitus reinterprets traditional Chinese medicine principles to meet the health needs of modern lifestyles. Infinitus maintains innovative quality health products with scientists around the world, even with 995 global patents and quality awards already in hand.

Cooperating with:

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• University of Cambridge
• French Academy of Sciences (CNRS)​
• Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Chinese Academy of Sciences​
• Nobel laureate Professor Jules A. Hoffmann


Superior quality with
international safety and standards

Every day, our quality control experts use the latest technology to carry out inspection and testing of 72 types of herbs across hundreds of criteria. The essences of the selected herbs are then extracted for manufacturing using precise measurements (for time, pressure, etc.).

The Infinitus’ Royal Lingzhi Plus:

producer icon 1342 items

1,342-items inspections are conducted for pesticide residues/ heavy metals/ microorganism/ nutrients


At Infinitus, the safety of our products for you is essential. Infinitus Chinese herbal health products meet the international quality and safety standards utilized in countries such as Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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Global Third-party
Quality Testing

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